Terms Of Use

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions and any accompanying documentation before you download and/or use the EgoBody Dataset and the accompanying software (jointly referred to as the “DATASET”). By signing this license you acknowledge that you have read the following terms of use, understand and agree to comform by the following terms of use. Any infringement of the terms of this agreement will terminate your rights under this license. For more information about EgoBody dataset, please check the EgoBody project page.

    Ownership / Licensees

    The DATASET and the associated materials are collected and developed by ETH Zürich. The DATASET is made available to the research community only for acedemic purposes. Any copyright or patent right is owned by and proprietary material of ETH Zürich.


    The DATASET is under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license with additional terms and conditions listed in the following:
    • The DATASET and the license herein granted shall not be copied, shared, distributed, re-sold, offered for re-sale, transferred or sub-licensed in whole or in part except that you may make one copy for archive purposes only.
    • Neither ETH Zürich nor its licensors make any warranty regarding the DATASET and specifically does not warrant or guarantee that the DATASET will be accurate, be merchantable or useful for any particular purpose. To the extent permitted by law, neither ETH Zürich nor its licensors shall be held liable for any claims or damage by you or any third party, in connection with or as a result of using the DATASET.
    • You understand and agree that ETH Zürich is under no obligation to provide either maintenance services, update services, notices of latent defects, or corrections of defects with regard to the DATASET. ETH Zürich nevertheless reserves the right to update, modify, or discontinue the DATASET at any time.
    • You agree in your use of the DATASET to comply with all applicable international and national laws, statutes, regulations and guidelines, especially all laws, statutes and regulations concerning the protection of data.
    • Upon first request by ETH Zürich the right to use the DATASET will end immediately. You will return or destroy all DATASET and confirm the deletion of the DATASET to ETH Zürich.


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